Friday, November 2, 2012

Fashionable Air Fresheners for Your Car!

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I was browsing through the Kenwood mall one day and stopped in a store I'd never heard of, Francesca's. I love little boutiques and this particular store looked exceptionally adorable, so I stopped in. They had the cutest dresses and accessories, but what really caught my eye were these air fresheners for your car. 

We're so used to just buying those ugly tree air fresheners that have the typical "new car" scent. So when I saw these I just had to buy them. 

Not only did they have an "ocean" scent but they had one of my favorite quotes and were in the shape of my latest obsession, owls. Click here to see which air freshener I chose.

I did a little research and found a website to order air fresheners from in case you can't make it to Kenwood to pick up a pack (they're only sold in stores). I wish I had known about this website, Natural Life, earlier because they have such a range of designs and styles, and they make perfect gifts! 

I'm so glad I found the this website, Natural Life, because they have such a range of design and styles and with the holidays coming up they make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer!

Thanks to my intern Sara Elliott for helping put this blog post together!

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