Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cars & Cigars Event Recap

Last week, Cincinnati Profile hosted an awesome "Cars & Cigars" event at Lexus RiverCenter. We had Straus Tobacconist provide an awesome spread of cigars and Lexus had a fine line up of cars for us to feast our eyes on. But the one that stole the show was the Lexus LFA in Sunset Orange. Wowwwwww! What an amazing car! As if the eye-catching color didn't get everyone's attention... Ken, the service manager, started up the engine and everyone in the entire building turned their heads! It was awesome! Make sure you subscribe to Cincinnati Profile to make sure you find out about our next events! Click here to see all the pics from the event! Here are just a few of my favs....
Me and my sister-in-law and mother-in-law!

The LFA!

LRC Service Manager Ken Kocher talking to attendees about the LFA!

Cars & Cigars event attendees
Enjoying a cigar with a view of lots of Lexus cars!

Posh Pet Fashion Show, New S&D Pet Charm

Our Posh Pup Fashion Show is coming up on Sept 21 at Performance Lexus! Make sure you mark your calendars and prepare to enjoy complimentary valet "barking," puparazzi on the red carpet, shopping, complimentary drinks, and a pupography booth to capture lots of candid moments with you and your canine. Plus, check out the pup-friendly treats, raffle prizes, silent auction and fundraising activities. The event is free to attend - receive a swag bag with a $10 donation to The Humanitarian League of Greater Cincinnati! RSVP here!

Want to see your four-legged fashionista on the cat…er…dogwalk? Nominate your pup to be featured in the show! Email a photo and name of the dog you're nominating to pets@cincychic.com. Deadline for submissions is Aug. 24. Voting at cincychic.com/pets will begin Sept. 3 at 10am and end on Sept. 7 at 5pm. (voting link will not be live until Sept. 3)

 One of our vendors at the event, Ceci David, just sent me an email about one of the items she'll have on display at her booth. Stella & Dot just came out with a new charm line, and this super cute paw print charm is one of them! Click here or watch the video below to learn more! See you at the event!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Cars & Cigars Aug. 16!

We have an awesome event coming up at Lexus RiverCenter next week called "Cars & Cigars." It's free to attend and lots of fun people always show up! Click here to RSVP!

Cincinnati Profile "Cars & Cigars" Event
Thursday, August 16, 6-9pm Lexus RiverCenter - 633 West 3rd St. Covington, KY 41011
Enjoy complimentary drinks, check out the latest from Lexus, shop menswear with Corwyn Apparel, mix and mingle, and smoke a cigar out on the patio. Bring your own cigar or buy one at the event from Straus Tobacconist. Sponsored by Phillip Ray Brann - Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Advisor. Both men and women are encouraged to attend - you just need to be a Cincinnati Profile subscriber (it's free!) to get in! Click here to see photos from our previous events! Brought to you by Cincinnati Profile, an online publication for men in Greater Cincinnati.  081612CP

Friday, August 3, 2012

Fabushoe Friday: Driving Shoes

My new Ryka driving shoes!
Happy Fabushoe Friday!

So, while these are more practical than fabulous, I got tired of killing my car mats with heels so I bought some driving shoes!

Believe it or not, it was actually a car mechanic's idea for me to buy the shoes! I had re-ordered new mats several times at Lexus RiverCenter. On the third time, he pointed at my 6-inch heels and asked, "You wear those often?" Of course, I said yes, to which he replied: "You know, it might be a good idea to look into some driving shoes." He paused... adding, "You could buy a lot of those," pointing to my heels, "instead of these," pointing to my shredded mat.

Now you're speakin' my language - point taken!

Not only are they more comfortable than heels, but they truly are a great investment! I was buying new all-weather mats for $100 about twice a year because my heels kept digging a hole in them. I was also ruining my heels, because the back of the right shoe would get scuffed or the material would rub off. Translation... thanks to my drivers, I'll have several hundred more in my annual shoe budget now!!! :)

I did some research on which ones to buy, and to be honest, I was disappointed in the selection. A lot of the women's drivers look like moccasins. I like the men's driving shoe selection a lot more because they have a sportier look.

I ended up going with a shoe that's technically made for yoga. The only thing that really makes a shoe a "driver" is the extra rubberized lip at the back of the shoe, which this pair had. I also liked that they had a cute scroll design on top and could pass for a ballerina flat if I decided I was done with heels for the rest of my work day.

Typically, I just keep them in my car door pocket - putting them on when I get in, and putting them back in the pocket when I get out. Or if I need to wear them walking downtown between meetings or something, I have a dust bag for them in my purse.

Being a heel girl, I was hesitant purchasing frumpy flats, but I'm so glad I did! I highly recommend getting a pair if you, too, love your heels but don't want to Fred Flinstone your car mats!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A GS-Inspired Project Runway Episode

Lexus GS
Aw, it was like watching two BFFs get married as I watched Lifetime tonight!

Project Runway and Lexus teamed up for an awesome concept and challenge! The episode started with the designers meeting Heidi Klum on the runway to get an overview. Then, they headed to South Street Seaport to meet Tim Gunn to find out the details of the Lexus Team Challenge: Create an evening gown that best represents the Lexus GS’s bold, aggressive styling. This challenge also required the 14 designers to incorporate an assigned vehicle color into their look.

To make it even more difficult, they were only given $300 and one day to create a design for a former Project Runway participant to wear at the Emmys. 

The designers were paired in teams of two, which of course coupled several polar opposites together for some good TV. The pairs were: Christopher and Andrea, Nathan and Sonjia, Buffi and Elena, Fabio and Ven, Gunnar and Kooan, Melissa and Dmitry, Alicia and Raul.
I met Project Runway's Tim Gunn a few months ago!

(spoiler alert) Elena stormed off and it was dram-ugh… a battle brews with Andrea and Christopher (which might be why she ends up leaving the show) ...and Kooan was kooky per usual, which is always fun to watch. :)

Ven ended up winning and Raul was sent home. Personally, I think Sonjia and Nathan's gold dress should have won because it was truly the only one Emmy-worthy. But they didn't ask me to be the judge so it doesn't really matter what I think! haha!

It's a great episode to watch because the drama is intense, fashions are fab, the Lexus-inspired styling is intriguing, Krysten Ritter was the guest judge, and Heidi's outfit was bangin' with some killer leg wear and shoes. So, if you didn't get a chance to watch tonight, make sure you catch it online!

Sounds like this won't be the last we hear of the Lexus/Project Runway, either. I did a little digging after the show and found that Lexus is connecting with PR fans in several different ways this season. Click here to learn more about the partnership!