Thursday, May 12, 2011

Review: Lexus HS 250

I recently took a roadtrip to Philadelphia, and my friends at Lexus RiverCenter let me try out a HS 250 for the ride. I was excited because "h" is for "hybrid" is for "more money to spend on FUN things on the trip versus gas!"

And man did it save on gas! I put it in eco mode and it really helped on the gas mileage. The gas gauge didn't even flinch until I hit Columbus (more than 100 miles!). Granted, in eco mode, I didn't have the power I'm used to with my IS 350. It did have a "power mode" button you could push if you needed a little extra umph, but I actually didn't end up using that! Probably a good thing, too, because 71N was a speed trap and you have to be really careful around that curvy Pennsylvania Turnpike.

I only ended up needing to refuel one time on my entire 9 hour trip, which I was really happy about. And, when we were driving it around in the city, the electric kicked in when we were just coasting from one red light to another. That saved on gas too.

It surprised me how much it looked and handled like my IS 350, but the fuel economy was SO much better. So, if power isn't a high priority, but saving at the pump is, I highly recommend this HS 250!

Check out the webcast below where I give you a tour of the car and my favorite features it had to offer!