Friday, February 18, 2011

Review: Lexus CT 200h

Earlier this month, Lexus RiverCenter held a VIP unveiling of the CT 200h (Performance Lexus had an unveiling event too, but Covington is closer to where I live, so I attended that one).

The event was amazing, complete with my friends at Cooking with Caitlin doing food demonstrations and my other friend Taren Kennebrew with Sweet Petit desserts. Can you tell the way to my heart is through my stomach ...and sweet tooth? :)

Click here to see pictures from the event!

The CT hybrid is a very cool car. Not as cool as my Lexi, I must say, but that's because I'm still in my compact car phase of life. I don't need all the extra space.

But when we start a family, I think the CT would be perfect. It doesn't have the "get up and go" that my IS-350 has, but with kids in tote, I will probably be a lot better about obeying the speed limits. haha! And, as you know, I will never drive a minivan. So, I do like that it has lots of extra space but it still looks sporty.

Another huge selling point - and will be even more important with a family - is the price. It's under $30k, which is a great price for a Lexus, especially a hybrid Lexus.

It's a smooth looking car with lots of perks - for you, your pocketbook and the environment. I give it two green thumbs up!

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